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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Unreasonable expectation

We tried to put Nila in Vidyasagar Nursery/KG school. She did not get through the interview for nursery. Below is a conversation at her day care center soon after:

Day care teacher: Why don't you put Nila in a good Nursery school. Vidyasagar is a good school in this area.

Me: Yes we tried there but we could not get through the interview.

Day care teacher: Oh is that so. Usually they take in the children if they call for the interview.

Me: They asked Nila to write alphabets and number names; they were particular that she knows phonics already.

Nila: They have unreasonable expectation you see.

Probably this is why the teachers at day care call Nila a 'Grand mom'.

Btw, getting into a good school seems to be a universal issue. Check this out.

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