Shishir and Nila

Memories from their childhood

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aatualleee … only … no

Oflate, Nila use the following template for most of her sentences:

Aatualleee statement only [no?] 
    Aatualleee: Actually, all sentence start with this word only.
                Actually, anyone who knows a bit of English should know this only no?
    statement: the only variable part in her different sentences
    only: Actually, all sentences end with this word only.
    no?: Actually, all questions end with this word only no?

Aatualleee, I want to sleep to you amma only. (Means: "I want to sleep next to you amma")
Aatualleee, Amma wearing like to me only no? (Means: "Amma, are you wearing similar dress as mine?")

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