Shishir and Nila

Memories from their childhood

Monday, September 28, 2009

Moon sleeping

Nila loves to gaze at the moon a lot. Every evening, she wants to look at the sky, gaze at the moon and try to catch the moon. Anything glowing and round in shape is moon for her ... like the staircase light in the opposite house, sun and of course the moon. She tries to catch the moon and says "I can't carry the moon".

One night neither the moon nor the opposite house light was visible. She was quite worried.
She asked me "Appa, where is the moon?".
I said "Probably it will come a little later today.".
She still needed an answer on where it was currently. After a little thinking she said "Moon sleeping" - she was satisfied with this explanation of hers.
I told her to look at the stars instead. She looked at the stars and started singing her favourite rhyme:

twinke twinke howi sarr
howi wonder singing me

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