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Sunday, March 16, 2014

“Future” by Nila

“Future” is arguably one of the most intriguing and thought provoking art work by Nila. This metallic brush point and pencil art work is believed to be created between 2013-2015 AD. Famous art historian and critic Roberto Huggies believes this master piece was first conceived on 15th March 2014.
Roberto Huggies captures excerpts from an exclusive interview with the artists in his famous book “Art through the ages”.
RH: What is this art work called?
Nila: It is called “Future”. This is a card for Kavitha Mam you know.
RH: That’s very interesting. What do the mountains at the bottom right signify?
Nila: See - you have to listen patiently to understand this completely you know. The big thing in the right is an apple – it is a poisonous apple. Real apple is white inside. One can’t draw with white color in white paper you know. So this is in green and yellow. If it is green and yellow it will be poisonous.
RH: What are the patterns inside the apple?
Nila: First layer is the green mountain range. Then the yellow design followed by green Maggie noodles and yellow patterns you know. Above it is the imli (tamarind) layer.
RH: And about the flower?
Nila: Don’t touch it. If you touch the centre of the flower the petals will close you know. Can you see the butterfly – it has come to see the beach and saw the flower in the beach you know. The blue coconut tree is in the beach. Sorry I forgot to put some coconuts there. There are clouds and the sun – that is standard you know.
RH: Excellent. Why did you name it future?
Nila: It has beach, flower, sun, clouds and apple you know. It is the future obviously.
RH: Well, do you have formal art education?
Nila: Obviously I know it myself you know.
Roberto Huggies concludes in his book saying “The surreal poison apple contains everything – from mountain to mole hill. The tamarind signifies the mole hill. This is a warning that there is danger in everything. Clouds growing from the coconut tree express the optimism that anything is possible. This vibrant master piece stands for the artist’s cautious optimism about the future. This art work takes decades to soak into you. Each time you see it, you get a new insight. Generations have reinterpreted this artwork and more future generations will get intrigued by this master piece.”

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Madhu said...

Brilliant! I would like to meet Mr.Huggies - or is he usually busy changing diapers?