Shishir and Nila

Memories from their childhood

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nila's Vocabulary

Nila believed that all words should have only 2 syllables when she was around one and a half years:
Bana = Banana
Ooka = Ookaru (sit in Tamil)
Papa = Papaya
Pana = Panda
Amma = Amma
Anna = Anna
Appa = Appa
Aban = Aravind
Tata = Tata (grand father) 
Few months later longer words found place in her vocabulary:
Mayithi = Mari Aunty
Gowithi = Gowri Aunty
Balakle = Bala Uncle
Gashaka = Aasha Akka
Ancha = Archana
Manmore = one more
Menda = Vendam (I don't want)

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