Shishir and Nila

Memories from their childhood

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sky has fallen down

Nila was sitting on my lap when our flight was taking off. She got quite thrilled when the flight picked up speed. She was telling the plane to run faster and faster. Once the flight started to fly - she wasn't sure what was happening. Then we were flying through the clouds. She asked me if that white thing around us was the sky. I said yes. After some time we had crossed the clouds and were flying above it. Then she understood what was actually happening. She exclaimed "the sky has fallen down".


ChristyPraveena said...

Too cute.What all goes inside the little vaandu's head. Both the kids flabbergast us with their lovely talk & deeds always.

Madhu said...

... and thus the baby teaches her father the theory of relativity!