Shishir and Nila

Memories from their childhood

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Red bag that sings

Shishir: Where is it?
Me: Where is what?
Shishir: that.
Me: that what?
Shishir: Uhm. Uhm. You are not understanding. That bag.
Me: Which bag?
Shishir: Red bag?
Me: Shishir - you are getting on my nerves. Which red bag? Can't you ask properly?
Shishir: I want that red bag which sings.
Me: I don't know any bag that sings.
Shishir: You got me that red bag. It has the white shining things inside which sings.
Me: what?
Shishir: those white shining circle things which sings.
Me: Go away - don't irritate me.

Shishir brings the red CD pouch from the other room with a grin.

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